Welcome to my personal website. It’s where I publish information about my research interests and current projects.

I am a lecturer in Irish at the University of Limerick. I hold a BA (International) in Irish and Geography (2007) and a PhD in Modern Irish from NUI Galway (2012). 

My doctoral research focussed on the townland names of the baronies of Kilkenny West and Clonlonan, Co. Westmeath. From 2013 to 2015 I was employed in Fiontar, the Irish-language unit of Dublin City University. While there, I worked as a Research Editor on a number of Irish-language and folklore digitisation projects, including over a year as Project Coordinator of Logainm.ie, The Placenames Database of Ireland.

My research interests include: Irish placenames, surnames, and personal names; folklore; and the historical dialectology and sociolinguistic heritage of the Irish language in central Ireland.